Irish freight shippers are avoiding the UK

New routes linking Ireland with Europe steering clear of post-Brexit bottlenecks

Shipping freight containers are transported at Dublin Port in Dublin, Ireland, Sept 24, 2018. [Photo/Agencies]

New roll-on roll-off ferry routes linking the Repub…

Garbage knocks on the doors of Rome

The eighth hill of Rome, the only one not listed in ancient chronicles, was for decades a monstrous landfill located in Malagrotta, west of the city. Manlio Cerroni, a controversial businessman known as the king of garbage, managed that black hole whe…

This week in history: November 22-28

25 years ago: Establishment of European Monetary Union sparks protests

A European economic map from 1996. The portion in dark green is the European Union

On November 22-23, 1996, workers throughout Europe protested and struck against austerity me…