More than 1,000 UK breeding pigs flown to China

More than 1,000 breeding pigs from a Northamptonshire farm made the 7,000-mile journey to China last week.

The pigs from Bridge House Farm, 2020 National Pig Awards Indoor Producer of the Year, were transported on behalf of Canadian breeding company Genesus, the largest independent producer of purebred swine globally, with registered populations of Landrace, Yorkshire and Duroc pigs.

A total of 1,030 purebred breeding pigs made the journey from Stansted Airport (STN) to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU) in a Boeing 747-8F aircraft on Tuesday, April 27.

Bridge House Farm, Genesus’ first UK partner, sent it first shipment of 700 breeding pigs to China last June, the first of its scale from the UK in nearly 10 years.

In an interview for Pig World, Charlie Thompson, who is the sixth generation to run Bridge House Farm, said achieving Export Health Certification for export to China has been a long, complex process, with stringent health testing, as well as the physical logistics.

There are three isolation periods, starting with 30 days on the farm, followed by a further 30 days on a separate site before leaving the UK, then 45 days in quarantine on arrival in China.

The Thompsons converted two poultry buildings to provide a purpose-built 1200-place straw-based quarantine facility separate from the main farm.

The farm uses technology to drive breeding improvements. Pigs are weighed and electronically ID-tagged at birth, enabling extremely detailed data to be collected about the pigs from the start. A custom-made software package records the pigs’ performance, which informs what and how much they are fed based on their gender and breed.

Mr Thompson said the use of technology was integral to securing the China trade. “I would not have wanted to do everything we have done without the EID technology we have developed,” he said.

Thompson China Pig montage

The China market has taken on added importance this year, with live exports to the EU not possible due to the new requirement for border control posts at EU ports from the start of this year. In a BBC interview earlier this year,[1] he highlighted how it was easier to send pigs to China than Europe.

Demand for breeding stock remains strong in China as it continues to rebuild its pig herd in response to its African swine fever outbreak, which is continuing to cause problems.

The 14-hour journey from the UK to China was split up with a stopover in Kazakhstan, during which the pigs had their food and water supplies freshened.

The transport, conducted by Intradco Global, saw its new Pig Lift in action for the first time. This is a truck that has been custom converted to enable the pigs to safely and comfortably move from their transport lorry to their crates.

The front and back are adjustable in height, meaning it can be tailored to suit the varying levels of both the lorry and the crates, meaning the pigs don’t have to navigate steep ramps.

Intradco Global said it utilises decades of experience and innovative practical solutions to transport animals safely and efficiently, creating and monitoring controlled environmental conditions including air circulation, humidity and temperature.

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Sends patrols near London Jersey

Sends patrols near London Jersey

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London on Wednesday announced the deployment of two patrol vessels near Jersey, following French threats of retaliation against the United Kingdom in the post-Brexit conflict between the two countries over fishing in the Channel Islands. On Thursday, about fifty French fishing boats protested in front of the island.

The United Kingdom announced on Wednesday 5 May that it would send two British naval patrol vessels near Jersey, located on the English Channel. France has indicated that it could reduce the supply of electricity to the island[1], In the context of the post-Brexit conflict over fishing between London and Paris.

France on Tuesday threatened retaliation against Britain following new conditions imposed by British authorities on French fishermen off the Channel Islands. He denounced the terms as contrary to the trade agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom following Brexit.

Since Thursday morning, fifty French fishing boats have gathered in front of Saint-Helier, the capital of the Anglo-Norman island of Jersey, with some blocking the port to protest the fishing conditions imposed on French sailors.

On Wednesday, Dmitry Rockoff, chairman of the Normandy Regional Fisheries Committee, promised that this was not a question of blocking Saint-Helier, but “a sign of opportunity.” “There is no question of attacking (…) showing himself, showing that the fishermen are determined, supporting what is being demanded, and then the words coming from the minister are very bad comments anyway,” he told the AFP.


After talking to Jersey’s representatives about the hypothesis of a French siege, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reaffirmed his “unwavering support” for the island. He also outlined the “urgent need to increase tensions”, a spokesman for the British president said. “As a precaution, the UK will send two patrol vessels to monitor the situation,” the spokesman added.

French Maritime Minister Anne Girard expressed her “disgust” on Tuesday when she learned that the island of Jersey had been granted licenses with unilateral conditions, including a restriction on French fishermen access to its waters.

As for Paris, the United Kingdom on Friday released a list of 41 French vessels, 344 of which have been approved for fishing in Jersey waters, but the list includes new requirements that have not been “consolidated, discussed or announced before” 1 as part of the Brexit Treaty between London and BrusselsThere is Last January.

“In the (post-Brexit) agreement, there are retaliatory measures and we are ready to use them,” he declared before the National Assembly, “for example, the transfer of electricity by cable under-sailor to Jersey.”

The island, home to 108,000 people, imports 95% of its electricity from France, according to data from energy expert S&P Global Plots.

Reuters and AFP

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