Accident Recovery by Pooles Towing & Recovery

Accident Recovery & Towing

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Accident Recovery by Pooles Towing & Recovery

´╗┐The Poole family have been involved in vehicle recovery in the Cheshire area since the mid 1940's and recognize that choosing a Recovery Operator is a difficult decision to make.

The Recovery industry is not yet licensed, which unfortunately enables anyone to call themselves a Recovery Operator.

This means that anyone can buy a 4×4 and trailer and profess to be guided by VOSA/DVSA (usually meaning they have learnt from being prosecuted following illegal acts)

These Operators usually fail to use Company Liveried vehicles so you dont realy know who you are dealing with, and charge prices that reflect that they have no intention of investing in safety, training and insurances (REMEMBER ….if its too good to be true then you know it usually is !! )

Only by choosing a Recovery Operator That uses Fully Liveried and PURPOSE BUILT Vehicles Certified to ISO9001 and PAS43 can you be sure that your Recovery Operator of choice has undergone Vetting and Training by Government approved agencies

The Partners of Poole's Towing and Recovery are members of the Parlimentary APPG for Transport, the Recovery Industries Guiding Committee.

We also hold the latest P.A.S.43 and National Highways Agency Service Sector 17 Certificates For your Peace of mind