Tevva secures $57m funding to accelerate mass production of its hydrogen truck

Tevva is preparing to accelerate the mass production of its hydrogen trucks in the UK as it targets 3,000 trucks per annum by 2023 for domestic and international markets, unveiled today (Nov 16). With £57m secured for Trevva’s hydrogen and electric truck line, the company will use the funds to expand its brand-new London-based production facility to support the rapid scaling up of manufacturing capabilities. : Tevva reveals new 7.5 tonne hydrogen fuel cell truck being prepared for mass production
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The hydrogen fuel cell truck offers ranges from up to 500km through its patented range extender technology, REX, surpassing the electric capability of 250km. The truck can additionally carry up to 16 European pallets and over two tonnes payload at 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight. Both truck variants are expected to be mass produced and will significantly address net zero emission targets by producing clean truck variants ahead of the proposed banning of all polluting vehicles by 2035.

The first deliveries of these hydrogen trucks is scheduled for Q3 of 2022 to address the wider need to electrify the mobility industry. Asher Bennett, founder and CEO of Tevva, said, “We are thrilled to have received this latest investment and excited to kick off production of our pioneering electric truck in London. “Following hot on the heels of COP26, this funding represents a rapid response to the latest targets and commitments.

Mass production of our third-generation truck will help fleet operators take tangible action without compromising the economics of their business and, we believe, can enable ambitious government targets to be met ahead of schedule. “Over the coming years we will continue to develop new electric and hydrogen truck technologies and execute our innovation roadmap to enable our vehicles to go further, whilst optimising driver experience and vehicle safety. “This is a pivotal moment for our business and we welcome our new investors on board the Tevva journey, which is set to be characterised by global growth.”

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