It’s raining cash! People grab free money as dollars spill from truck on to US freeway

The drivers of a freeway on Southern California were in a for a big surprise on Friday when two bags of money fell out of an armoured truck and spilled across the highway. Several drivers could be seen making efforts to grab the free money.    Sgt Curtis Martin from California Highway Patrol (CHP)’s Oceanside division said the doors of a Sectran Security Inc truck popped open as it drove down the I-5 in Carlsbad at 9:14 am on Friday.   

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All that money is traceable, they not winning a damn thing lol

— Jamie Anderson (@jamieanfire) November 20, 2021

How to record yourself committing a federal offense ?????

— Wavey Crockett??? (@MrNevaChillin) November 20, 2021

Ignoring the foolishness of recording your crime, the drivers of this truck are blue collar workers who could lose their jobs over losing this money. Help them collect the money.

Everybody has had a bad day at work; show some solidarity.

— Nikki Clifton (@NikkiLClifton) November 20, 2021

The CHP is still working with the FBI to investigate the case and recover the money.    Bystanders leaped at the chance of getting some free cash, Martin told reporters.    Also Read: Transgender day of remembrance: Biden honours 46 transgender Americans killed due to violence in US

The authorities have “a lot of evidence”, all thanks to numerous social media posts and videos over the incident, added Martin.    “If you found money on the freeway, it is not your money. It belongs to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), this armored truck and the bank.

It needs to be returned,” Martin explained.   

(With inputs from agencies)