iDrive Logistics adds 305,000 sq. ft. to its fulfillment network in Las Vegas, and Ohio

iDrive Logistics announced today that it has reached an agreement with Product Fulfillment Solutions, with facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada and Springdale, Ohio, to add their 305,000 sq. ft. to the iDrive Fulfillment Network. This acquisition is key to iDrive Fulfillment’s march to grow to 30 million square feet in North America within the next 24 months, the company added.Robyn Brunscher, President of iDrive Fulfillment stated, “When like-minded influencers, like the executives at Product Fulfillment Solutions and iDrive Logistics, see an opportunity to make a monumental difference for our customers, the “why and how” becomes our collective passion and working together becomes the next natural step.”As for Product Fulfillment solutions, Bill Coy, Co-founder and CFO of Product Fulfillment Services reflected, “We have worked tirelessly to build a company that we are confident serves our clients in a way no one else can.  We now have the ability to fit the needs of virtually any client as a result. If we don’t do it or don’t have it, we adapt quickly to make it happen.  It was important for us to leverage the advantages of a larger entity without losing the excellence we have worked so hard to create.  We found that iDrive Fulfillment offered us the benefits of a larger network and a commitment to excellence that aligns with ours.  We are delighted to be a part of the network and look forward to a long association.”iDrive brings decades of Logistics, Fulfillment, and Supply Chain Management experience to Product Fulfillment Solutions, as well as technology innovations, such as ShipCaddie TWMS, a transportation and warehouse management system, iDrive stated.  The transition from Product Fulfillment Solutions to iDrive Fulfillment is effective immediately.

In the coming days, clients will see new signage on the building and all correspondence will be from iDrive Fulfillment.