SyTrans takes Logistics to New Heights

Colombo, Sunday 05th September 2021: Navigating through the troubled times of pandemics and lockdowns SyTrans Global (Pvt) Ltd, a new-age logistics solutions company is changing the way the movement of cargo is carried out by introducing the latest technology to the industry. SyTrans is a fully-owned subsidiary of VirTrans Capital (Pvt) Ltd, a multi-faceted investment outfit specializing in industry-changing technology solutions in the Virtual Transport sphere. SyTrans was introduced with the aim of transforming logistical requirements for the Sri Lankan import and export industries.

“Having recognized the need for technological innovation in the virtual transportation sphere, SyTrans was launched as a startup to provide convenience and accessibility for the transportation of goods. The idea was to easily connect importers and exporters with their required vehicles, be it a small, medium, large lorry to a 20/40 foot container truck, all available on one platform”, said Nirthaj Seelanatha, Director at SyTrans Global (Pvt) Ltd. The SyTrans database currently utilizes the services of over 100 transport providers of mainly prime movers as well as small and medium lorries.

This offers customers the convenience of obtaining a truck at their time of need to deliver cargo of any size and requirement be it small loads to freight cargo. The fleet also includes trucks with in-built freezers and various storage capacities etc. The backend of the operations features a 24/7/365 call center that is prepared to offer solutions for any logistical need.

Dedicated account coordinators provide the best services in order to meet customer needs and requirements. “Unlike our taxi hailing or food delivery platforms where the transaction takes place between two parties, such as a customer and a driver or customer and a restaurant, in the business of container transportation there are many other stakeholders involved. However, despite the long operational process we still see the diversity and market potential in this industry and as a result our shareholders are more than willing to invest further on SyTrans despite the current pandemic situation”, Seelanatha added.

Chief Operations Officer Sushani Jayakody also commenting on the operations noted, “There is a lack of proper technological connectivity and training in the logistics industry as a whole and therefore streamlining day to day operations through technology is yet to catch on in small economies such as Sri Lanka. However, by understanding the challenges of this industry early on, SyTrans realized that the key to succeed is by providing an exceptional quality of service to their customers and well as keeping the transporters engaged with constant hires.” Since establishing itself as a recognized logistics provider in the industry, SyTrans is now ready to enter the next phase of business.

Just two years since penetrating into the local container transportation industry, SyTrans recently signed up with Ceylon Grain Elevators PLC to transport their entire stock of poultry feed from Trincomalee to Colombo. This opportunity is of great significance as it paves the way for many other projects that are in the pipeline. In order to provide a quality service, the first branch office was also opened Trincomalee, which houses facilities for containers to be washed, cleaned and dried as well as resting quarters for the drivers.

All staff at the Trinco branch were recruited from the area providing much needed jobs. “Being a woman in an industry dominated by men indeed has its own share of challenges. Dealing with the transporters and drivers is sometimes a task in itself.

This is where working together as a team comes in. Ours is a small team of dedicated employees, most of whom have been with the company since the commencement of operations. We whole heartedly believe in commitment and good team work.

My Manager Operations and Business Development, Madhushika Perera, has many years of freight forwarding experience under her belt and she has a great knack to handle any situation be it with a transporter, driver or even a customer. Also our dedicated operations team comprising of Ranitha and Thushan is of great strength to the company as they have been with us from day one. Team work is vital in today’s corporate environment.

Working together as one team is the key to success and it is our primary goal to see SyTrans as a successful business entity in the import and export industry in Sri Lanka”, Jayakody added. Despite the current pandemic situation which has affected the entire world and also drastically impacted the Sri Lankan economy, SyTrans continues to find innovative solutions and several developments in the pipeline to grow their business and contribute towards the revival of the local economy. For more information on SyTrans operations call 0115 634634 or visit

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