Facelift in for Europe’s first Aspen underbridge platform

The Aspen A-62 bridge inspection unit

Facelift’s Aspen A-62 bridge inspection unit is expected to be delivered by Versalift in October. Facelift, taken over by AFI in 2019[1], has long been a pioneer in truck-mounted work platforms and already has a fleet of inspection and gantry underbridge units. Its next arrival is a US machine adapted for the European market by Versalift.

Versalift’s parent company, Time Manufacturing, acquired Aspen Aerials in October 2018 specifically to add bridge inspection machinery to its offering.

Mounted on a Volvo[2] FM 420 8×4 sleeper cab, the Aspen A-62 has an interchangeable platform that gives operators the flexibility to switch between a regular inspection basket and a work platform with two options:

  • inspection work – a horizontal under-bridge reach of 18.8 metres, a vertical reach down to 20.6 metres and a basket capacity of 272 kg.
  • three-stage gantry walkway -680 kg (five person) capacity, and a movable step-up platform mounted on railing and providing 2.1-metre reach.

A heavy-duty generator powers the platform.

No outriggers are required, and all counterweights stays within the width of the truck body so this unit can set up in a single lane of the carriageway.  Two rotating turntables and multiple articulating and telescoping booms provide greater versatility on accessing structures.

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