Attorney for Bill Cosby thinks ‘angry energy’ should be directed at the prosecutors

Jennifer Bonjean, an attorney for Bill Cosby[1], joined Cuomo Prime Time[2] Wednesday, where she said the anger over the disgraced comedian’s release from prison[3] is misdirected. Cosby’s 2018 sexual assault conviction[4] was vacated by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court due to prosecutors using evidence from a 2005 deposition in which Cosby incriminated himself[5], the issue being that Cosby was promised[6] by the district attorney at the time that he would not be tried if he gave up his 5th Amendment rights and took part in the deposition.

“There had been an agreement, and a lot of this energy, this angry energy should really be directed at the prosecutors because this is a case about prosecutorial misconduct,” Bonjean said. “You may take issue with Mr. Castor for having made the agreement in the first place, and you should also take issue with the prosecutors who refused to honor that agreement.”


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