CCTV captures moment bin lorry ‘knowingly’ leaves ‘smelly’ streak along residential road before driving off

A member of the public who captured on video the moment a bin collection team left a giant smelly streak in their street before driving off has slammed the council over its response.

Bucks Council[1] is under fire from a resident in Edmonds Close, in Buckingham[2], after one of its garden waste lorries was caught on CCTV trailing a long black mark that “absolutely stunk” in the residential road, and then not clearing it up.

The incident happened on Wednesday, June 2.

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The individual said they and “most residents” had reported the matter to the local authority, but that “no answer or comment” had been forthcoming.

They also claimed the waste collection team “knew” it had happened.

PICTURED: The mess left behind.

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“@BucksCouncil garden waste lorry leaks contents all over our street,” the person tweeted on June 3.

“Drivers knew, but not cleared up and no clean-up lorry today. All seen on CCTV. Please sort it.”

However, having notified the council, the individual said they had still “not heard a dicky bird” by June 6 – this, “despite most households in the street reporting it”.

They added: “[The lorry] drivers were certainly aware of it, as I saw their reaction on my CCTV.

“Sadly, it was never cleaned up and has stained the street. It absolutely stunk.

“Most residents sent communications via various media, but [we got] no answer or comment from the council.”

Bucks Council did reply to the individual online on June 7, requesting the street name and postcode.

The authority was approached for further comment.

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