USPS driver says brakes failed mid-route before truck caught fire in Port St. Lucie

USPS driver says brakes failed mid-route before truck caught fire in Port St. LucieWhat to watch next
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New video shows the moment a fast-moving fire gutted a mail carrier’s truck in Port St. Lucie on Monday.

Laura Dyke, a 35-year-old mother of two, was behind the wheel. She just started her shift, driving along SW Peacock Boulevard when things to a dangerous turn. “It was crazy, I was slowing down, then I went to hit the brakes and the brakes wouldn’t push down,” she said. “So I swerve off into the ditch area.” 

Then smoke started to come from the dashboard. “A few flames started to come out, and then within probably seconds, it was totally up in flames,” Dyke said.  The truck almost melted away, destroying hundreds of letters and packages. 

TRENDING: Young siblings die after using scuba equipment in pool in Jensen Beach According to the USPS spokesperson for the South Florida District, all mail with the exception of one item, a birth certificate, was destroyed. Myrlande Michel of Port St.

Lucie tells CBS12 News it was actually her Certificate of Naturalization from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, yet it’s not what she expected. It’s partially destroyed, with its edges are burned and charred, and her photo’s unrecognizable. “Yesterday I told them I need the letter to send to immigration,” Myrlande Michel said. “They told me the supervisor is going to talk to me.

Meanwhile, back at the post office, employees are putting together a letter with instructions for all impacted customers like Michel.

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“We will explain to them that the truck caught on fire and the warranty will be made available in the next couple of days,” said Robert Marrero, USPS Port St. Lucie supervisor. He also advises to contact the sender to explain what happen.

On Tuesday morning, Postmaster Patrick Cowley met with employees to go over safety procedures before they hit the road. “We talked about breaking safely, ensuring you’re doing your safety inspections first thing in the morning, check on your brakes, check on your brake lights,” he said. “The big point that I wanted to make was always be vigilant and recognize anything. She [Laura Dyke] recognized the smoke.”

USPS Port St.

Lucie, along NW Peacock Boulevard, encourages anyone with questions about their packages to give them a call at (772) 873-0674.

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