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KWG considers Rail-Veyor as Ring of Fire chromite transport option

Toronto-based KWG Resources is considering using Rail-Veyor Technologies Global’s automated train technology for the transportation of ten-million tons a year of chromite ore over 326 km from the remote Ring of Fire region, the company announced on Wednesday. Rail-Veyor’s technology provides an all-electric, fully autonomous shuttle system with multiple trains on scalable light rail tracks.   Advertisement

The technology could be used within the mining operations and as the transporter of ore from the region. “This appears to be a very viable option for our ore-haulage mining-claims, with tremendously attractive project economics and a very benign environmental footprint,” said KWG subsidiary Canada Chromite Corp president Tony Marquis, who previously worked for Canadian National Railroad and Canadian Pacific Railroad. Advertisement

“What is very exciting also is the opportunity to run a powerline to provide electricity to Marten Falls, Eabematoong, Webequie, Neskantaga and possibly Nibinamik, to maximise this option. It deserves to be aptly named; perhaps the ‘Lowlands Trade Corridor’. We’ll next be examining the integration of the system into underground bulk mining and other ways to ensure that the area’s sensitive biosphere remains intact with minimal alteration to its natural state.”

KWG is participating in the development of chromite deposits in the James Bay Lowlands of northern Ontario, including 1 024 ha, which contain the Black Horse and Big Daddy chromite projects. Meanwhile, KWG CEO Frank Smeenk said that chromite from Ring of Fire would be important to the US’ critical minerals strategy. “We suspect it has not been lost on the US-Canada Critical Minerals Task Force that China’s pre-emptive right to acquire Noront assets, or production from them, was recently relinquished by Baosteel, one of the People’s Republic of China’s most important State-Owned Enterprises.

We anticipate this will pave the way for development of this critical chromite bank-in-the-ground for the national security of the US and reinforce its role in global trade,” he said.

“Accordingly, we will communicate to the Chiefs of the most directly-affected First Nations, a plan that would let our long-proposed equal-revenue-sharing model become fungible as these developments ensue, perhaps as an early advance royalty sale to provide indigenous certainty to the highly focused US capital markets.”