Dodge Challenger Pickup Truck Brings Back the Rampage in Sleek Rendering

It's been less than 24 hours since former SRT CEO Ralph Gilles took to Instagram to talk about what comes next after the dissolution of SRT, assuring us that the Stellantis era won't be without its performance cars. However, until we get more precise details on the matter, we can feast our eyes on a rendering that revives a spicy nameplate from Dodge's past, namely the Rampage truck. 3 photosDodge Challenger Pickup Truck Brings Back the Rampage in Sleek RenderingDodge Challenger Pickup Truck Brings Back the Rampage in Sleek RenderingThe pixel painting is one of the many developments building on Dodge's Hellcat family. In fact, digital artist Yasid Oozeear, who is behind this visual adventure, chose the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon retired range-topper for this bed transformation.

While the upper section of the muscle machine was cut, the lower side of the body gained a widebody approach that makes this thing look like it's doing 200 mph even when standing still.

And that's not all; as those of you who follow our Speed Shot tales (there's a tag for that below) might've noticed, this is the Demon kit we recently discussed, so the front end features a reinterpretation of the crosshair grille that used to be found on so many Dodge models. Die-hard truck lovers won't be disappointed, as the pixel master plans to take the virtual build to the next level. "The Challenger/Demon has been having some more tweaks over the past days but far from being done.

I am still working on the rear section for this one, including the tailgate," the artist explains in the Insta post below. Who knows? Perhaps somebody can take a Challenger (it probably won't be one of the just 3,300 Demons, though) down this path to match all those modern Charger-based conversions.

After all, as mentioned in the intro, Dodge used to build a small unibody truck known as the Rampage. While it only enjoyed a few years on the market in the early 1980s, it never managed to reach the status of the Chevrolet El Camino and the Ford Ranchero. By the way, here's a custom mid-engined example that can certainly float an aficionado's boat, though.

The nameplate was revived in 2006, albeit for a considerably larger coupe utility concept animated by a 5.7-liter HEMI, but the V8 sent its muscle to the front wheels.

These days, the Stellantis portfolio is no stranger to the recipe of the original Rampage, and we're talking about the Fiat Strada and its Ram counterpart, the 700, which received a new generation last year.

However, none of the two are sold in the U.S., as we're talking about Latin American offerings.

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