Rocket Van – US military considers SpaceX for space transportation and deliveries

The USTRANSCOM commander - US army General, Stephen R. Lyons - was speaking at the National Defense Transportation Association's Fall Meeting.

He also revealed USTRANSCOM's partnership with Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) and Exploration Architecture Corporation (XArc) to "explore this emerging capability of rapid transportation through space".

"Think about moving the equivalent of a C-17 payload anywhere on the globe in less than an hour," said Lyons at the virtual meeting. "Think about that speed associated with the movement of transportation of cargo and people. There is a lot of potential here and I'm really excited about the team that's working with SpaceX on an opportunity, even perhaps, as early as 21, to be conducting a proof of principle."

As well as its extensive work with Nasa, SpaceX is also notable for its reusable launch design with the two-stage rocket Falcon 9. The company even uses drone ships to receive the controlled landings, which would be essential for any concept of controlled delivery.

See the video below for spectacular evidence. [embedded content] An an example of use, USTRANSCOM highlights that operations in the Pacific Ocean may involve transits across 10,000 miles.

"For the past 75 years or so, we have been constrained to around 40,000 feet altitude and 600 miles per hour in our very fastest method of logistics delivery--airlift," said USTRANSCOM deputy commander, US Navy Vice Admiral Dee Mewbourne, who leads the command's effort in this area.

"Now, what are the possibilities for logistical fulfilment at about 10 times those figures, when the need for support on the other side of the world is urgent?

It's time to learn how our current strategies to project and sustain forces can evolve with a new mode of transportation."

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