UK cruise MS Braemar already at Mariel port in Cuba

18 de marzo de 2020, 12:17 Havana, Mar 18 (Prensa Latina) The MS Braemar cruise ship docked this Wednesday at 07:00 local time in the port of Mariel, 50 kilometers west of the Cuban capital, to start the evacuation of its passengers, including five confirmed Covid-19 cases.Around noon the transfer to the Jose Marti International Airport will begin for the safe return to their country of origin on four charter flights, as a result of the deals between the UK and Cuba.

The MS Braemar, with 40 other travelers suspects of carrying the new coronavirus, arrived in Cuba following the request made by the UK government to Havana. The vessel, belonging to the Fred Olsen Cruise Lines company, remained stranded with 682 passengers and 381 crew members on board after being rejected in several Caribbean ports since the end of February. The decision responds to a health emergency in which sick people’s lives could be at stake, explained the head of diplomacy Bruno Rodriguez on Twitter.

The foreign minister emphasized that the Cuban authorities will adopt sanitary measures established in the protocols of the World Health Organization and the country’s Ministry of Public Health. Fred Olsen Cruise; meanwhile, confirmed yesterday that passengers will leave Cuba this evening. According to a company statement, passengers and their companions positively diagnosed with Covid-19 or with flu-like symptoms will travel on a separate flight.

Likewise, the company noted that any traveler who is not fit enough for the transfer will receive medical support and treatment in Cuba.


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